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Midnight Echo Magazine

The AHWA is extremely proud to present Midnight Echo: The Magazine of the Australian Horror Writers Association.

Published twice a year in print and PDF, each issue of Midnight Echo will have a different team of editors, ensuring no two issues will be the same.

While the magazine aims to showcase Australian writing, submissions are open to anyone. Already in our short history, we have published works by Award-winning Australian writers (including Paul Haines, Stephen Dedman, Deborah Biancotti, and Lucy Sussex), as well as the World Fantasy Award-winning British writer Robert Shearman, and Bram Stoker Award winners Bruce Boston, Corrine de Winter, and Marge Simon.

Writers interested in submitting to Midnight Echo should check out the Submissions Guidelines.

Midnight Echo #4... coming soon! Click here for more details.

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Midnight Echo Issue 1  Midnight Echo Issue 2 Midnight Echo Issue 3 

Midnight Echo #1
(October 2008)


Midnight Echo #2
(June 2009)


Midnight Echo #3
(November 2009)