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Predominately a short story author, I have been writing semi professionally now for many years, having numerous pieces published here in Australia and abroad. Over time I have also written several technical manuals for the print and publishing sector. Currently however I utilise my creative juices writing regular freelance material for Australian Consolidated Press, Pacific Publications and D. C. Thomson in the UK. I also manage an online writing tutorial entitled The Write Spot. 

Some time last century I won several Melbourne University Literary Awards for my Horror and Science Fiction stories, and more recently a short-listing in the Henry Lawson Festival Award for a quirky mainstream piece set in Australia's Outback.

Often considered the highlight of my career, I was the original Publishing Editor of the now iconic Australian Horror & Fantasy Magazine back in the late eighties, and founder of Dark Press Publications. This was very much a labour of love, created with the assistance and constant guidance of my co-editor, Australian author Stephen Studach. More recently I edited The Imaginings Sampler, a new vehicle for what I like to call "Docu-fiction," short speculative fiction written in a factual format. Think of Orson Welle's 1938 treatment of War of the Worlds and you'll get the idea.

I am a full member of both the Australian Society of Authors and The Australian Horror Writer's Association, and am currently employed with an East Coast Print/Publishing Company. Writing is just one of the passions that defines me, but one that has remained with me long after many other passions have gone by the by.

Please feel free to visit my Blogs (below) and say hello. BMR

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