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At the age of 67 years, I am new to horror writing, but have had an interest in writing and filmaking for many years. 

 My mother was of Filipino and Aboriginal descent, and used to tell stories of the spirit world in both those cultures. She talked of she and her sisters scaring each other with such stories.

I have associated with various Aboriginal people at different stges of my formative and working life and experienced (uninvited as a child), and invited as an adult, various ceremonies and traditional practices .

I lived on an Aboriginal settlement and worked from Alice Springs with the Lutheran Church with Western Desert and other Aboriginal groups, and heard stories of myth and magic, and how the Aboriginal people accommodated Christianity. A number of bizarre episodes of murder and disapperance also occurred in my time in the Territory and following, and I have had an association with some of the people involved.


My current interest in horror stories was sparked by discovering James Doig's selection, Australian Ghost Stories, particularly "The Haunt of The Jinkara " as I had an association of the setting, and had heard stories of such creatures.

I am widely travelled.