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Leigh Blackmore

Leigh BLACKMORE (BCA, Writing, Hons)  is editor of Terror Australis: Best Australian Horror (Sydney: Coronet, 1993); co-author (with Dr Van Ikin) The Eternal Yes: The Affirmations of Terry Dowling (forthcoming); author Harlan Ellison/Terry Dowling/Jack Dann: A Bibliographic Checklist (Sydney: R’lyeh Texts, 1996); co-author (with S.T. Joshi) H.P. Lovecraft and Lovecraft Criticism: A Bibliographical Supplement 1980-84 (West Warwick, RI: Necronomicon Press, 1985) author, Brian Lumley: A New Bibliography (Sydney: Dark Press, 1984; San Bernadino CA: Borgo Press, 1986).


He is co-editor (with chief editor Phillip A. Ellis and with James Doig) of the bi-annual critical journal Studies in Australian Weird Fiction (Equilibrium Books).(See ).


 Leigh has contributed to various scholarly works on speculative fiction including Supernatural Literature of the World (Greenwood Press, 2005). Other critical writings and interviews with leading writers in speculative fiction have appeared in Australian Horror and Fantasy Magazine, Calenture, Crypt of Cthulhu, Dagon, Dayspring, E.O.D., FuBar, Masque Noir, Outpost, Severed Head, Shadowplay, Shoggoth, Sirius, Tabula Rasa and, Talents, & Twilit Grotto.


His weird fiction has appeared in Agog! Fantastic Fiction, Agog! Terrific Tales, Aurealis, Avatar, Bold Action, Daikaiju 3, Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales, Gaslight Grotesque: Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes,, Micro ,Phantastique, Pulse of Darkness, Tertangala and  Leigh's story “Uncharted” was nominated for a 2004 Ditmar Award for Best Novella & received an Honourable Mention in The Year’s Best Horror and Fantasy (17th annual) edited by Ellen Datlow et al.

Much of his weird poetry is collected in Spores from Sharnoth and Other Madnesses (P’rea Press, 2008) . US journal Dead Reckonings declared that the volume places Blackmore "amongst the leading weird poets of our era." Leigh's first collection of horror fiction, Nightmare Logic, is in compilation. 


Leigh has reviewed horror and fantasy fiction for Dead Reckonings, EOD, Galaxy Newsletter, Prohibited Matter, Science Fiction, Shoggoth, Skinned Alive and The Sydney Morning Herald.He has appeared as an expert on horror literature on Tv programmes including The Ray Martin Show and Jennifer Byrne Presents

He formerly co-edited (with Glayne Louise) Mythopoeia: The Newsletter of Dymocks Science Fiction & Fantasy (1995-97) and Terror Australis: The Australian Horror & Fantasy Magazine (with Chris G.C. Sequeira and B.J. Stevens) (1987-92).

Leigh is Official Editor of SSWFT (Sword and Sorcery & Weird Fiction Terminus APA) and edits its blog at: . He also  contributes his zine Mantichore to the Esoteric Order of Dagon APA. 

Recent critical work has appeared in the journals Studies in the Fantastic and Lovecraft Annual and in the books Robert Bloch: The Man Who Collected Psychos (McFarland Press, ed. Benjamin J. Szumskyj) and 21st Century Gothic (Scarecrow Press, ed. Danel Olsen, forthcoming 2010).

He co-founded The Sydney Horror Writers & Artists Society (The Gargoyle Club) and has been NSW Correspondent for Australian SF Writers News, local representative for Horror Writers of America, and a judge on the annual George Turner Awards for best first sf novel. He ran specialist sf and horror departments in major Sydney bookstores for 25 years before relocating to Wollongong in 2004.

He is an active member of the Sydney Passengers Sherlock Holmes Society.

His non-writing pursuits include specto-situationism, mixed media collage & high magick. He is a Master Magician of Ordo Templi Orientis, the founder of Aurora Australis Thelemic Temple, co-facilitates MoonSkin coven and reguarly lectures on the esoteric mysteries and ceremonial magick.

His esoteric work includes Transpersonal Magick (with Margi Curtis, forthcoming); and poetry & reviews for Beastly, Crossroads, Kwa, Shadowplay, Sirius, ThAT (which he edited for seven issues) and Waratah magazines. His regular column on matters magical (with Margi Curtis) has appeared in Spellcraft and Black magazines.


Leigh lives with his two partners, three cats and his collection of 10,000 horror and occult books, many of which are catalogued at LibraryThing (see ).


Leigh's website, The Blackmausoleum, is at