How much money is spent on gambling in Australia in 2019?

How much money is spent on gambling in Australia in 2019?

Numerous Australians are losing huge sums of money through gambling and spent on gambling in Australia in 2019, and it’s stinging our savings accounts.

This isn’t a hit piece on gambling, yet it’s intriguing and even a touch of depressing to see the impact that wild gambling can have on people, in manners that go past simply their bank accounts.

Gambling in Australia statistics – what amount do we lose?

The most recent statistics distributed by the Queensland Treasury in the 35th edition of Australian Gambling Statistics (viewed as the authoritative wellspring of gambling statistics in Australia) show that, altogether, Australians wager more than $242 billion of every 2017-18.

The earlier lost money gambling in Australia during 2019 this figure was $208 billion.

Averaged out over all 19.75 million Australians matured more than 18 (in view of Australian Bureau of Statistics data), this is more than $12,000 per person! Of the different forms of gambling:

  1. $25.8 billion was spent on hustling ($1,340 per capita)
  2. $181.4 billion was spent on gaming, similar to gambling clubs and the pokies ($9,419 per capita)
  3. $11.6 billion on sports betting ($603 per capita)

That is the aggregate sum spent: few out of every odd dollar spent on gambling is lost – that is the entire hazard reward offer.

A similar report counted our national gambling losses at just shy of $25 billion – $24.88 billion to be precise. Per person that is more than $1,260 lost to gambling each year, and a 5% expansion on the figures from 2016-17.

Losses down are broken down into as per the Australian gambling statistics 2019:

  • $20.1 billion on gaming ($1,017 per person) – a 3.9% expansion
  • $3.5 billion on dashing ($177 per person) – a 7.1% expansion
  • $1.23 billion on sports betting ($62 per person) – a 16.3% expansion

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So the average man and lady more than 18 right now lose $1,260 every year just on gambling. That is $1,260 that could be going towards people’s loan repayments, credit card bills, mortgages, investments or savings accounts.

It’s an extra $1,260 that could be spent on their friends or families. Also, recall how averages work: there are incalculable people who lose well over this sum each year. A few people will lose tens if not many thousands to the game of possibility.

Union for Gambling Reform Chief Advocate, said the effects of these shockingly high losses could never again be endured.

Gambling hurt includes everything from the loss of homes and connections to the loss of lives through deaths by suicide related with gambling hurt.

There are direct connections in certain occasions between gambling mischief and family violence and mental sick health.

At the point when you consider for each person directly experiencing gambling hurt it is assessed in any event six more people associated with those people experience some effect.


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