Know the best of all online casinos banned in Australia 2020

Know the best of all online casinos banned in Australia 2020

Rumors that Australia plans all online casinos banned in Australia 2020 have been going around for a while, but now it’s official. An amended version of the bill to amend the law on online gambling was adopted on August 9, 2017 and also includes a regulation prohibiting online poker.

The House of Representatives passed the bill in June. This last act of the upper house of parliament means that the ban on all online casinos and poker sites in Australia in 2020 will come into force in 30 days.

The 2001 rules on gambling as well as the Australian regulation on interactive gaming from 2001 and the media authorities’ regulation of 2005 are too old to be applicable to the current situation in online gambling.

That is why the bill to amend the law was enforced. Ultimately, the goal is to protect players from legal ramifications and the dangers of gambling addiction. Voices, however, that the law change includes online poker, argue that the card game is the lowest addictive casino game and is much more skill-based than luck-based.

online casinos banned in Australia

European poker sites close the gap

The closure of the Australian market will draw even more attention to online casinos and poker sites abroad, from which players can only benefit.

Australia was the largest online gaming market and European casinos can now step in and close the gap. All over Europe the laws are much less strict, in Germany the law on online gambling is still changing and the situation is much more future-proof than now in Australia.

Competition between casinos and poker sites will also increase, as the Australian market closes, a large number of players will be looking for new sites to play.

Choose the best of the best

When the competition for customers’ skyrockets, German players can pick the raisins, but it is important that you only sign up at casinos that comply with the law and meet the highest standards.

When choosing a casino, you should ensure that it is approved and monitored, that the games are fair and genuine, are verified by an independent third party, and that you are able to deposit funds using a variety of suitable and reliable payment options and take off.

Customer support will also be essential for German players, which should be available in their mother tongue and by phone, email, chat or even social media. Bonuses, terms and conditions and other special features should be clearly explained, the website should be easy to navigate and the user interface should be user-friendly.

Online casinos are officially banned in Australia on real money casinos and online poker in Australia has given a new region the opportunity to get in and take over the market, and chances are that Europe will do just that.


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