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Members List

Australian Horror Writers Association
The AHWA is a non-profit organisation that formed unofficially in 2003 as a way of providing a unified voice and a sense of community for Australian writers of dark fiction, while helping the development and evolution of this genre within Australia.

Tabula Rasa: Australian Horror
A site dedicated to the Australian horror genre, with interviews, articles, recommendations and reviews.

Dedicated to the works of Stephen King. Includes news, story lists, book lists, forums and many other features. One of the world's leading King sites.

David Conyers - Speculative Fiction Author
David Conyers is an Australian author who writes science fiction, dark fiction and Cthulhu Mythos tales. He is also an Associate Editor of the Book of Dark Wisdom.

Website dedicated to the ramblings, bibliography, and career progress of Australian writer Lee Battersby.

Website dedicated to the career and family of Australian writer Lyn Battersby.

Luke C Jackson Author
Luke C Jackson is an Australian-based author of dark fiction, including the novels 'The Unclaimed', 'Summer's End' and the upcoming 'Sleeper'. Visit his website to keep up-to-date with his appearances, read his fiction, and purchase his titles.

The Australian Dark Fiction Web Log - dedicated to providing the latest news, articles, and reviews of publications from Australia and overseas.

Stephanie Gunn: The Keys to the Between
Website of Stephanie Gunn, dark speculative author.

When Evil Reigns
The debut horror movie from brothers Luke and Alix Jackson, When Evil Reigns is set in Melbourne, Australia, a city paralysed by an epidemic of unknown origins. The movie, which was totally shot on digital video, will be released on DVD in 2006.

Benjamin Solah: Writer and Revolutionary
Blog of 19-year-old horror writer and Marxist revolutionary. Contains posts on horror writing, writing in general and politics from a Marxists perspective.

The Official Chuck McKenzie Infosite
The Official Infosite for Chuck McKenzie - author, editor, disco-dancer and dad. Known primarily for his humorous speculative fiction, Chuck's bibliography also includes the odd foray into the darker side of human (and non-human) nature.

Robert Hood's Website
Website of Australian horror/SF author Robert Hood, including bibliographical information, news, ramblings, film reviews and access to the Daikaiju! website.

Martin Livings
The website of SF, dark fantasy and horror writer Martin Livings, author of the upcoming horror novel Carnies from Lothian Books.

Jason Nahrung's homepage
Homepage for Australian writer Jason Nahrung featuring news and reviews.

Darkin Inc
Repository for my audio scripts, short stories and other stuff that are dark, disturbing or just plain horrific.

Brett McBean
The home of Australian horror writer Brett McBean, author of The Last Motel and the upcoming The Mother.

Digital Retribution
Horror, cult, sleaze, and cheese from down under.

Liam Rands Website
Website dedicated to the writing career of Liam Rands who is an Australian writer of speculative fiction.

Dark Animus
Publishing dark pulp fiction, poetry and art.

Home of Lee and Lyn Battersby, award winning writers from Perth, Western Australia.

Australia's premier online sf, fantasy, horror and dark fiction semi-professional webzine.

The official site for the new independent horror spectactular, DEMONS|AMONG|US.

Book of Gates
Collection of twisted flash fiction, short story tales and verse. Ranging from horror to sci fi.

Cristian Townsend Surreal Photomedia
Surreal and dark photomanipulations with commentaries.

Purveyor of Imagination
The literary wanderings of emerging Australian dark fiction author, Brian G Ross.

Speculative fiction
Cross genre writers encompassing sf, fantasy, horror, & the downright bizarre. Includes poetry.

Talie Helene
Musician & writer, living in Melbourne Australia. Staff Writer, ZERO TOLERANCE. News Editor, AHWA. Student of Film Scoring. Horror Devotee. Freelance Journalist. Heavy Metal Hooligan.

Chris M. Willis
Website for Australian writer Chris Willis.

Just Inking
Blog of emerging Australian Dark Fantasy author Craig Bezant.

The Kemblog
Australian horror writer and journalist Gary Kemble.

Tasmaniac Publications
Tasmanian based publisher working in the field of Horror Novellas.

Stephen Dedman
The Facts in the Case of M. Dedman.

Darkling Muse
The web blog of horror writer Marty Young.

The Blinddust Collection
Molecat's Short Stories and Random Thoughts.

Chris A. Masters
Chris A. Masters is a Melbourne horror writer and former editor of Bloodsongs, Misanthrope and EOD Magazines.

Out of my head
The musings of Canberra Speculative Fiction and Horror writer Peter van Maale.

Musings Of An Aussie Writer
Dark ramblings of a new Australian writer.

Trost Library
Blog of the Australian writer known as Trost.

Here There Be Tygers
The blog of Australian horror, dark fantasy and speculative fiction writer Felicity Dowker. Enter, stranger, at your the be Tygers.

A website and blog about all things writing and story related. Primarily the online portal for my own dark fantasy writing (short stories, serials and novels).

David Such - The Blog
David was born in Brisbane but now shares his time between Sydney and a vineyard in the Hunter Valley. His short fiction has been published in AntipodeanSF, Planet Magazine, Eclecticism, Infinitas, Static Movement and The Specusphere.

Pure Fiction
A Blog by an Australian Horror writer.

Severed Press
Melbourne based independent publishers of Horror, Sci Fi Horror and Dark humour novels, novellas and short fiction for collections.

Award winning Dark Horror Fantasy art
The dark and twisted gallery of award winning horror artist Shane Ryan, a collection of intricately detailed macabre scenes of horror, dark creature portraiture and twisted horror surrealism.

Masters of Horror
To the art of writing spine-tingling, nerve-damaging, heart-thumping, terror-installing madness of the horror industry.

LegumeMan Books
A small press publisher from Melbourne Australia, devoted to the realms of horror, the bizarre and the extreme.

Official site of C.A.Milson
Official Site of C.A.Milson. Includes a full bibliography, books and short stories, frequently updated news, book tours and events, Podcasts, You Tube Projects.

Merlins Ltd - Latex Masks & movie masks
Halloween masks horror masks scary masks and the home of the realistic mask that fits just like in the movies!

Eugene Gramelis - Author
Eugene Gramelis, barrister and dark fiction writer from Sydney, invites you to explore his webpage.

Team Strigois Horror Page
Welcome to Team Strigois page of horrors this is a page dedicated to gory glory that is horror.

Official Site of Writer Leigh Blackmore.

Daniel I Russell
Pausing for thought between mutilations...

Dark Fantasy Author Matthew Tait
A site dedicated to the already published and up and coming stories of horror and dark fantasy author Matthew Tait.

Sinister Reads
Sinister Reads is a project managed by the Australian Horror Writers' Association (AHWA) used to promote the work of its members.

Blog of horror news reviews and original fiction.

Kirstyn McDermott : even black birds must die
The official website and blog of Australian dark fiction author, Kirstyn McDermott.

Writers Cramp
Chaz's online collection of various short stories and fragments. Feel free to read and comment.

Dark Prints Press
Australian Small Press Publisher of all things dark fiction, including horror and crime, founded by Craig and Avril Bezant.

Raymond Gates Dreaming
Raymond Gates is an Australian Aboriginal writer of dark and horror fiction. Visit his website for information on his published works and gain insight into his mind.

Anyone can become a demon...
This is the blog of JB Thomas, author of Mammon (Book One of The Ferryman Chronicles).