Here is the Answer to Is it legal to gamble online in Australia in 2020?

Here is the Answer to Is it legal to gamble online in Australia in 2020?

The Australian online gaming market has become very lucrative and has maintained this status for many years as various international operators, including some big names in the industry, have offered their products to the local players in spite of the truth that they operated in a gray area.

However, the past little years have been noticeable by top-level lobbyism, through multiple calls and actions by Australian politicians, to demand certain changes to be implemented in the way it is legal to gamble online in Australia in 2020.

After the publication last year of a final report, from the illegal bets review by the Australian Minister for Human Services, introduced the 2016 interactive gaming bill in November.

In short, the legislative project aimed to amend the country’s existing online gaming laws, so as to prohibit the provision of unauthorized online gaming services and therefore to consider and officially declare them illegal for gamers local.

But, also, to prohibit the possibility of promoting legal Australian online casino sites for 2020.

Necessary regulation

As it is mentioned at the beginning of this article, the legal online casino in Australia market has attracted the most attention from leading operators.

These high-level operators have indeed expressed growing happiness and contentment with their Australian operations.

But it should be noted that Australia is by no means the first country to have considered the implementation of more stringent iGaming regulations although we all realize in our time that these regulations are a necessity, even a must, in an industry that brews several billion euros.

The happiness of some makes the misfortune of others

In case of over-regulation of the market, we can expect very many negative effects, and declare online gambling options, which have long enjoyed great popularity with illegal Australian players may not be the best possible approach to properly regulate the market.

legal online casino

The main gaming operators have already closed their doors to local players. While other big names in gaming, like PokerStars, are waiting for the changes proposed by these laws to be implemented before leaving the market immediately.

As already noted above, the Australian online gambling market has attracted the attention of leading operators. What is more, these top operators have expressed growing happiness and contentment with their Australian operations.

A regulation which tends to develop a black market?

Indeed, it is not uncommon to see currently those offshore operators, not hesitating to use questionable operations and dark financial practices, by prioritizing markets with the explicit game laws.

Given Australia’s reputation as a destination with great potential, the market will certainly turn into a big target marked with red for such businesses.


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